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These illustrations of the 2022 Jeep Commander are obviously influenced by the new Grand Cherokee. 
Which is fine.
As we already know, the new Commander will be based on a longer version of the Compass and will seat 7.
So far, it will be mostly for the South American market. But who knows, it might be a matter of time until we get it over here. 
As for the interior, you can tell from the Commander teaser on top, it will be the same as the revised Compass Interior for 2022. With 2 more seats…

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  1. This is just as bad as the Grand Wagoneer exterior, but the interior is worse on the Commander. Imo, the Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L are the best executed.

  2. These floating roof designs are rediculous, no different than the fins of the late 50's and early 60's. The worst offenders are oddly the Lexus Rx and another bombastic beauty is the GMC Terrain whose design mimics those aforementioned fins. Horrible design cue that too many companies are eagerly incorporating into aberrant designs. My cleanest design awards in this category go to the LincolnAviator and Corsair.

  3. Despite the bad press of the Compass in the U.S. there's a case for it's success in international markets. funny they were so late to the third row market, but then again the Drango is a JGC with five extra inches and this WKII 2010-2012 JGC was 5 inches longer then it's predecessor. The multitudes of SUVs over the past decades has been nothing less then a shitload.unsed to be the big three plus land rover and toyota – now every make has at least 20.
    lol. Keeping my Grand.

  4. I can’t see how this would fit into the NA market when we have the Cherokee. I can’t see it as a replacement either.

  5. At least the front looks better than any recent Lexus or Toyota SUV or those crappy looking chinese minivans.

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