2022 Jeep Compass: finally…

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Most of the world has had the revised Compass for months now. But it is just being introduced in the US now, as a 2022 model.
(Also strange Jeep could only release what looks like computer-generated pix of the new interior since it’s been out elsewhere for so long)
As we mentioned before, the new interior is a vast improvement. Although the rest of the Compass is mostly the same. We only get the good old 2.4 Liter engine. And the new 4Xe Hybrid version released in Europe a while ago is still not available in the US…


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  1. The 2.4 must be a better match for this than the Cherokee. The cold start sound from this engine isn't pretty at all. It sounds like a bumbling lawn mower on the outside until it warms up.

  2. I had this model when it first came out in late 2017. The engine really seemed unpowered with not the best fuel economy. Stellantis is probably working on a much better until with the beefy investment in Jeep.

  3. nice interior upgrade. . pity about the 4Xe, it could have made a nice alternative to the CR-V, RAV4 hybrids. Especially if priced right.

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