2022 Jeep Grand-Cherokee 4xe: first official photo…

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As expected, the new 2022 Grand Cherokee is basically a 5 seater version of the 2021 Grand Cherokee L. Although the front end seems slightly different. And the D-pillar is quite thinner. With a new chrome design.
Otherwise, it basically looks as good as its longer brother.
The model pictured here is the new plug-in version called the 4xe. No specs yet, but it is expected to inherit the same powertrain as the Wrangler 4×2. Which makes 370HP, but can only drive around 22 miles as an EV.
Interestingly enough, the Wrangler plug-in starts at over $49 000 (before incentives). But you can lease one starting at $265 a month! (HERE) Which would seem like the best lease deal in the world.
I wonder if some super low lease like this one will be available for the Grand-Cherokee too…


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  1. love this. and it's cleverly shorter than the L. both the rear doors are shorter, and the D pillar is thinner, along with the rear overhang.

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