2022 Mercedes SL: Now the “AMG-SL”…

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Mercedes just released a bunch of pictures showing the interior of the all-new SL replacement. The AMG-SL.
I guess they wanted to give it more of a sporty vibe by associating it with AMG. On top of that, the new model actually replaces the AMG GT Roadster as well.
While it might be sportier than the current SL, it now has rear seats. 
The interior is basically a blend of all other current Mercedes interiors. With zero original touches. Which is too bad…
It is interesting to see an earlier design sketch (bottom pic). Which actually shows what could have been.
Even though it looks about the same as the production car, it’s not. The vents are not as rounded, therefore, are a much better fit behind that huge flat screen.
The flat wood trim would have been a nice touch too. And the console design is much simpler and more modern.
Even though it is very similar, I think the small changes they made to the production interior ruined the design.

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  1. Think how much more comfortable and spacious the front seats would be without the tiny rear seats; keep the space behind the front seats, make it smaller, and use it for storage.

  2. not crazy about Mercedes designs, this is derivative of their other new cars. agree with Vince that the sketch was more modern.

    What is that odd cutout on top of the instrument panel, why remove some of the shading for the center screen/instruments? And the most obvious question: how the heck is anyone going to see the screens in direct sunlight? this is a convertible after all.

  3. first off… i was always wondering when we would get to the telescoping screens… MB is first to start it….

    good catch on it being a convertible and not being able to see.. didn't think of that….

    I hate you Billy…. the concept i now see Jar Jar too…thanks…

    unfortunately the back seats are purely there for insurance… and so the car isn't classified as roadster or to sporty…

  4. As someone who’s owned half a dozen 911’s those tiny back seats are actually super useful. They mean that you can take the car on date night because you can squeeze the kids into the back when you pick them up on the way home. They mean you can toss your bags or cases into the back even when there are two of you up front. Most important, they’re where your dog rides. And somehow it just feels better to have space behind you then a firewall. No back seat was a big reason I quickly traded the one Boxster I owned for another 911. Don’t knock em till you’ve tried em.

  5. I saw Jar Jar also! Very… interesting… Hope the car will have an always on rain sensor to close the top if left down accidently. Can only imagine what rain will do to the tablet stuck on the dash. Can't wait to see the rest of the car. My dream car is actually a vintage 1991 560 SEC. Doubt that will happen anytime soon…

  6. No manspreading allowed in any seat.
    Zee right leg must be in zee vull upright position!

    They must hope that adjusting the screen closer to vertical will stop reflections and increase visibility.

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