2022 Nissan Frontier/Pathfinder Production: video from the factory…

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These factory videos are always pretty fascinating to me. Especially seeing a brand new model being built.
My favorites are the ones where you actually see the sheets of metal being stamped into body parts. 
This one starts a bit after that. It all looks like putting together a giant model kit…

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  1. Can a person go to a car factory and ask for a tour? Apparently so in the USA!
    Hopefully same is true for my home country of Canada.
    I googled Factory Vehicle Tours and i came up with some info if anybody is interested. Some are free, some $5, $7 and up. It be a cool way to kill an hour or two if you are into how vehicles are made.
    You ever done one of these factory tours ,Vince?

  2. Yes, I did!
    Many years ago. I toured the GM Factory in Van Nuys. Where they were building the Camaro and Firebird.
    A great experience to watch all these people work.

    I remember the cars looking so great at the end of the line.

  3. We did a factory tour 6 years ago at the BMW plant in South Carolina, when we bought our X3. It was offered since we ordered the car. BMW out us up over night, and had a wonderful German breakfast and lunch. They also had us do the driving experience as well. The best part was the factory tour. Watching how the cars get built is so fascinating. Do this experience if you have the chance!

  4. I work at the Toyota/Lexus plant in Ontario. They do plant tours but they are on hold because of Covid

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