2022 Porsche Macan: why?

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Porsche just revised the Macan SUV. And I’m not sure why.
Sure, it does look a little bit different (The orange one is the “new” one)
But I don’t think it’s an improvement. At least they didn’t ruin it. (maybe they did for some?)
Inside the console looks cleaner. Otherwise, it’s the same thing.
Al models seem to have a bit more power (Something that was probably not needed at all). And all versions cost thousands more than last year. Which is the real reason for the changes. None of which seem to actually cost more to manufacture.
I always liked the Macan design. This refresh tells us an all-new one is not around the corner. Even though the current generation was unveiled in 2013. And no words on the upcoming EV model yet.
The 2022 model will start at $56 250. 


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  1. Looks like they eliminated the physical buttons on the center console. Yeah, that'll make it so much easier to use without looking down at your lap while driving. And the finger smudges!

  2. I agree with the camp that this "refresh" doesn't seem needed at all. And is skewing towards the ugly… Not sure why such expensive vehicles have so much black plastic. I have a 2017 S and its just about perfect except the cheap black plastic grill. And while more power is always nice, this is likely about "keeping up with the Joneses" as MB and BMW keeping adding more power to their Macan competitors. The Macan S has always had plenty of power.

  3. Weird grille treatment.. the black frame that runs around the marker lights out to the edges of the front bumper and back underneath looks like it was lifted from the VW Up! family.

  4. What's a Tacan Vince? Combo between a Macan and a Taycan? Lol
    I actually like all the improvements, exterior and interior of the 2022 Macan. Looking forward to seeing the EV version.

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