2022 Toyota Aqua (Prius C): More photos…

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Toyota hasn’t said anything about this yet. But the cars you see here are being produced and seem ready to go to customers.
Our version of the previous generation, the Prius C, was sold here until a couple of years ago. And I haven’t heard anything about a second-generation coming to the US.
Toyota seems to be giving up on its “Prius” brand. At least in the US. The current generation is 6 years old. They never replaced the Prius C and Prius V. And they probably won’t use that name for their upcoming EV.
So weird to spend so much money and so many years building up something to just let it go…


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  1. Right. I would have thought they’d use Prius to designate hybrid or PHEV rather than Prime. Maybe the Prius name just has a negative connotation to it. But it really should have a evolved into an electric car. But you’re right years of building up the name to seemingly let it go away.

  2. The guts of a Prius can be found in numerous models now. The Prius may or may not be a success story, but the technology behind it sure is.

  3. It was supposed to be a Prius family, but I think much of the market said they wanted the tech in their regular lineup. The Prius my go away or at least stay as a lone niche model until it rots on the vine, but it’s tech will flourish until EVs are the norm. Then it becomes antiquated tech just like the Volt.

  4. "Prius" is synonymous with hybrid tech, and the world is moving to full electric. Also, the Prius has always had a kind of self satisfied eco-nerd air about it, which turns a lot of regular people off.

  5. My guess is they are investing heavily on solid state battery technology. If that is the case, hybrids and lithium ion EV's will become a thing of the this will be the past. I am hoping I am right! It will be a huge game changer as EV's will be as easy to own as ICE vehicles.

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