2022 VW GTI: the US version is finally here…

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The current generation VW Golf was introduced back in October 2019. As usual with VW, we are only getting it over here a year and a half later…
And, we are only getting the GTI and R models. As the regular Golf is no longer offered in the US.
I have been a big fan of the GTI over the years (And test drove the past generation a couple of times)
It now starts at $31 400. The great plaid seats are still standard (not pictured here). As are 18-inch wheels.
To me, the best deal would be the SE model for $35 300 ( you can add $900 to get the DSG)
Which still has the plaid seats. But adds a sunroof, Harman/Cardon audio, and the 10-inch screen among other things (Leather is an option if you must…)
The top of the line Autogahn model is $39 000.
The new GTI gets 240HP from its 2.0 Liter engine.
If that’s not enough, you can get the “R” version, with a 315HP version of that 2.0 Liter and AWD for $44 600.
Great news all around…


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  1. always loved the GTI, especially the base car with plaid seats. I would keep the manual, it was one of the few manual transmission cars that were fun to drive. but…. $35K for a VW GTI? and $39 for a loaded one?? that's ridiculous!

  2. Although I wouldn't go near a VW due to getting so burned on reliability, it's a good design with practicality as a hatch. Honda should take note re their Civic, this is how it should be done when you have a hatchback.

  3. I don't see the appeal of a box devoid of any style with wheels, no matter how well it drives. Especially since it's the same box since the 80's with minor tweeaks.

    That combined with the less than par VW reliability, I don't understand why anyone buys these.

  4. I had a 2010 GTI (6) for 8 years. No reliability issues whatsoever. I think americans are used to dissing VW even when nothing happens. In comparison I had a lot more issues with my 2000 BMW 323 Ci that I had for 10 years.

  5. It seems to be a better car, over a very fun previous gen, in every way, EXCEPT the touch controls on the steering wheel and infotainment. VW must be picking up all the left over Cadillac touch controls now that Cadillac finally ditched their failed effort at ridding world of the scourge of hard buttons…I'll look elsewhere until VW figures out a better approach to what I can only guess is partly a cost cutting measure.

  6. This car is an OLD joke. It feels so old because the platform is ancient. VW keeps recycling this outdated POS with new lipstick for decades

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