2022 VW Taigo: Brazilian VW comes to Europe…

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The new 2022 VW Taigo is basically a European version of the Brazilan Nivus.
It will be priced between the Polo hatchback and the small T-Cross.
This Taigo is basically a raised-up “SUV-like” version of the Polo. For more money.
Sad to say, but it will probably end up replacing the Polo in VW’s European line-up.
And of course, this is not for the US…


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  1. I think you're somewhat overstating how appealing this is likely to be to European buyers, Vince. The last Brazilian product Volkswagen offered in Europe was the miserable Fox, which was never more than a minor success in sales terms.

    As for the Polo, it sells an average of over 250,000 units a year, so it's not going anywhere anytime soon. Suggesting that the Taigo is going to replace it is like suggesting Ford's miserable EcoSport is going to supplant the Fiesta.

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