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It looks like Chrysler might be coming back pretty soon. Without really unveiling it, they did show this concept to the press. Of course, it is electric. And looks like it is ready to be produced.
It is based on one of the largest EV platforms Stelantis is planning. And could get up to 500 miles of range.
Apparently, another, more traditional-looking SUV, is also planned for Chrysler. 
While this is great news for Chrysler, it needs to happen now. This is a fine design, but not really more modern than the Mustang Mach-e. They need to put this in production next year at the latest. 


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  1. 500 miles of range could seriously be game changing, as long as it can be produced in a timely manner.

  2. This is prototype of Airflow concept, probably like the prototype Grand Wagoneer concept compared to the production version

    very promising

  3. It looks great, but will they really put it into production? Chrysler has had many great looking concepts but has been bad at making them happen. If they are smart, they'll make this one, market the hell out of it as an upscale vehicle.

  4. I like the ambiguous exterior look, but since it's neither sedan or SUV I wonder if a declining brand like Chrysler could sell it..

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