Honda EV Coupe: return of the Prelude?

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While Honda/Acura is getting a couple of new electric SUVs based on the new GM platform, they are also working on their own. Mostly for smaller models.

One of these is rumored to be a sporty coupe. Which means, the Prelude could be back. After so many years. I know, the coupe market has been shrinking. At least you still have a good choice of sedans, but coupes are harder and harder to find. maybe making them electric is an answer?

The return to small affordable coupes would be a nice trend. Not everyone is married with kids, wants to go offroad, or carries tons of stuff all the time. Practical 4 seater coupes with decent trunks used to be extremely popular in the US. For many decades.

Why not…

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  1. love it.. I've always felt that Honda should bring back the Prelude, base it on the current Accord Hybrid underpinnings but wrap it in its own unique coupe body. pilarless would be the way to go. But make it AFFORDABLE, it should be priced similar to the Accord.

    same for the insight.. it makes no sense in the current Honda lineup and not really selling. re-position the insight as a smaller 2+2 coupe/hatch but keep the underlying hardware.

  2. Honda is winning in Formula-1 with is fantastic power unit but she completely lack of sports car affordable to sell. Welcome to a new Prelude EV and Hybrid and also a new Integra. I will be an early client

  3. As much as I would love to see the Prelude return, I don't see it happening, especially since Honda just discontinued the Civic Coupe, the last remaining coupe in their line-up. I think if any coupe were to make a return, it would be the Accord Coupe, however I really doubt this as well. We all can dream though.

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