Mazda MX-30 PHEV: another one bites the dust…

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After launching the pure electric version of the new MX-30 overseas, Mazda had just announced weeks ago that a PHEV version would be coming to the US. Using a small rotary engine as a generator.
Since the EV model has a modest (lame) electric range of only 124 miles, the Plug-in hybrid version promise a much better and more useable model.
But no. Mazda has just announced the PHEV version is “postponed”.
Which, I think, pretty much means it is dead. It is just weird to postpone a new model just a few months away from launch. Or is it?
You know what it reminds me of? Mazda’s own Diesel engine. Which had been “postponed” over and over for the US market. Only to finally come out after DieselGate, when nobody in the US wanted a Diesel anymore.
No one will buy a small electric crossover with a 124 miles range in the US. Mini might sell a few EVs because the Mini Cooper is basically a small city car. Where its small 110 range is actually enough for many.
But a compact SUV needs much more. The PHEV could have been a great solution.
It looks like Mazda has, again, been spending a lot of R&D cash on something “stupid”. And they will be yet late again.
By the time they get it together with the MX-30, most of the competition will offer EVs with a much longer range for the same price or cheaper. This means most people won’t even be interested in a PHEV.
You would think a small company like Mazda would be more careful with their money…


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  1. The Skyactive Diesel is exactly what came to my mind, before I saw you had the same thought Vince. Spot on. I thought Mazda and Toyota were teaming up on EV's together, and Mazda was going to be sharing the new rwd platform and I6 with Toyota. Or is that not true anymore?

  2. I have a feeling with the joint venture between Toyota and Mazda, that the latter will gain access to Toyota's higher-end electric units, think BZ4x or whatever they call it allowing for Mazda to use AWD. The ones that they postponed are front-wheel drive only which limits its scope or appeal very much like the Mini EV.

  3. PHEV is the way to go across the board for all cars. It is about time. They would make pure EV cars not as relevant for many consumers.

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