New Smart SUV: new teaser…

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Smart just released a new teaser for their upcoming SUV. (The bottom pic was released earlier)
It will be unveiled in September as a concept. So we can expect a production version sometime next year.
The new small EV SUV will be based on a new Geely platform. That same platform will also be used for a new Volvo model (XC20 or XC30?)
Too bad they left the US market. That little SUV might have finally given them a model that could appeal to a wider audience than their tiny 2 seaters…

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  1. They left the US market? I didn't notice they were gone. I remember seeing my first Smart in the early 2000's in Italy and thinking it was a brilliant idea.

  2. I just visited Block Island off the Rhode Island coast and they had Smart convertibles for rent as an alternative to bikes and scooters. I hadn't seen one in a while but remember thinking what a great application that is for this sort of vehicle. Perhaps they need to be more creative with their business model.

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