2022 Honda Civic: is this the Si?

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These are pictures of a sportier Civic model. At least, it obviously has a 6-speed manual. Which will be only available with the upcoming hatchback version in the US (the above pix are of the Japanese version)
But the seats seem to have some kind of Alcantara finish to them. As well as that red stitching everywhere. Which is not available in the US’s “Sport” version.
Although it might be in the upcoming “Sport Touring” coming up as part of the new hatchback lineup.
“Sport Touring” or “Si”???


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  1. I am going to say Sport Touring Hatch, however the deep seat bolsters and aluminum shift knob really throw me off. I don't however, see any kind of adaptive damper switch, and an Si has never had an Eco button. Unless that switch has relocated somewhere else.

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