2022 Honda Civic RS: could be our Civic Si?

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These photos are from Thailand, where Honda has previously been selling an RS version of the Civic.
It does look sportier than the “Sport” version we have here. And could be a preview of the upcoming 2022 Si model coming to the US soon.
The spoiler is much larger than the Sport, and the wheels are also different. The Si will come standard with the 1.5 Turbo engine, instead of the base 2.0 Liter in the Sport. And a 6-speed manual.
Speaking of the manual, it will also be available in at least 2 versions of the upcoming hatchback. The Sport and Sport Touring.
This is great news for the Sport since the silky smooth 2.0-liter does deserve better than the CVT…

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  1. Looks much better with a more aggressive stance than the non performance trims. The rear spoiler is much better looking than the wing that dominated the trunk lid on the last Si.The wheels also look good.

  2. Honda really needs to expand the Si trim to the hatchback this time.. not everybody needs a Type R. Supposedly the reason they didn't for the last generation was because the hatchbacks were all built in England.. but this time all Civic models will be built here.

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