2022 Jeep Gand Cherokee L: more testing…

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These spy shots were taken yesterday. And I can’t really figure out what they are testing.
Or why the prototype is still fully camouflaged. Since it looks exactly the same as the production model (bottom pic)
Maybe they are testing the PHEV version? Which has already been shown in the regular Grand Cherokee. And doesn’t include a new design.
Kinda weird…
(Thanks to a reader for these)


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  1. could be an old prototype being re-used for feature/powertrain/facelift work.

    Sometimes quality under the camo of early Protos isnt what oem's would want customers to see so they leave camo on older "recycled" protos.

  2. I don't know, but I could guess this is a new paint job. Maybe that's what they're hiding, and that paint hue hasn't been seen ever before in this brand.

  3. Trailhawk? Looks like black matte wheel arch framing instead of body color. No tow hooks showing…

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