2022 Nissan Outlander Vs. Nissan Rogue: war of the warranties…

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The new Mitsubishi Outlander finally came out.  I have already seen a couple on the road.
I think they actually look much better in real life than in the many photos I had seen before. Even though that front end is still ” an acquired taste”…
As we know, it is basically a Nissan Rogue in a different suit. Pretty much everything you can’t see is from the Rogue. (Even some interior bits) And they are also strangely priced almost the same. They both start at around $25 800.
(A plug-in hybrid version of the Outlander will be available next year.)
The main difference for buyers, besides the completely different designs and 7 seats in the Outlander, is the warranty.
On the Rogue, Nissan offers the usual 3 years/36 000 miles basic warranty. While the powertrain is covered for 5 years/60 000 miles.
But Mitsubishi’s coverage for the Outlander is much better. Which is 5 years/60 000 miles for the basic warranty. And 10 years/100 000 miles for the powertrain.
Mitsubishi even offers extended warranties. (Details HERE)
Which one would you get, for the same price?
More about this HERE from Jalopnik.


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  1. A longer warranty is not a selling feature if you know you'll have to use it all the time. And if it's using Nissan's CVT, you'll definitely be using that warranty. But, if I forced to chose one, I guess I'd buy the Nissan, because I had a Mitsubishi many years ago and it was utter crap and they didn't stand behind it at all. Every warranty claim was a battle, so I'll never, ever, buy one again!

  2. HUH??

    Vince wrote:

    2022 NISSAN Outlander Vs. Nissan Rogue: war of TE warranties

    you need to start reading your stuff before you post.

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