2022 VW Jetta: unnecessary changes…

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I guess VW felt the need to “change something”. So the Jetta is getting a new front end for 2022.
One that is really not an improvement at all. New bumper in the rear.
The car does get a little bit more power (now at 158) thanks to the newer Taos engine. And the cool digital gauges are now standard.
I drove the current Jetta when it came out, and thought it was a very nice car. Even the basic model I had driven was very nice ANd the car was comfortable and very solid.

VW sold over 90 000 of these last year. Which is almost the same as the Nissan Sentra. 

So I guess the Jetta is safe for now…

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  1. But are these Jettas good/reliable cars to own?
    What's your opinion , Vince, considering all the vehicles you have test driven over the years and maybe personally know of long term jetta owners.

  2. @tony Jetta's are not reliable cars for the most part. In the 90s, they were known for being in the shop all the time, same with the 2000s. Having been the owner of a Golf and Jetta, both had their fair share of being in the shop, way more than they should. I'd say between the two, a dozen times a year. My neighbor had a Golf as did my cousin who had the GTI. They constantly had issues and a lot of build-quality problems with pieces warping and wearing down really fast. Engine woes befell my Passat with the dealer practically giving up.

    I've never met or known someone with a VW that was reliable. My Chrysler lasted 12 years with zero issues and I learned I would not buy or use VW's again.

  3. Ya, the fake exhaust being bigger is kinda cringe, but the back looks so much better now! Looking at the rear from an angle was the worst on the old Jetta, looked so homely. Tnis is an improvement.

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