2023 Honda CR-V: new patent designs…

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As far as we can tell, these look pretty realistic. Although the rear side window on the prototype looks like a different shape. These patent drawings show a window design very similar to the current generation.
Also, the headlights on the prototype do look thinner. Especially on the sides.
Who knows. This could be something else for another market. Or not…
What do you think?


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  1. If you compare the side profile of the current CR-V to the patent drawing, it's identical. The lower part of the doors are different, as well as the front end. Looks like a mid level refresh, not an all new vehicle.

  2. the mirrors are wrong… the prototype that Honda has been using moved the mirrors to the doors…. this still has it attached to the A pillar… old design…. with the sunroof like that…. Canada

  3. 1. The U.S. CR-V debuted in MY2017. It's in it's 5th year and that means 2023 is a redesign.
    2. Like the 11th gen Civic (which is heavily based on 10th gen), all Hondas until the next electric platform launches will receive only mild updates in their redesign: same platforms, hybrid option, same (but tweaked) engine family.
    3. If the patent is submitted on the U.S., it's for the American market…so not the Chinese Breeze. No doubt, Honda Japan now driving all redesigns, there's gonna be similarity.

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