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The popular Hyundai Palisade is getting a new front end (and more) for the 2023 model year. 

There has already been plenty of spy shots around the web and a few illustrations. This new one makes the palisade, IMO, worse-looking than the current version. A much wider “Joker-like” grille is not really what the bog Hyundai SUV needs. Something a bit more subtle than what we have now would be great.

What do you think?

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  1. taking lessons in subtlety from Mitsubishi design. Definitely a retrograde step.
    great SUVs, tech and value, pity about the new styling… let's hope the KIA twin is nicer

  2. IDK this looks better to me. I could never really get into the current front end. I always thought the lights were cool but the grill just messes it up.

  3. We have a 2020 Palisade and admittedly, the front is that SUV's worse angle. With the exception of the unique cascading verticle drls. I really like that styling element. This refresh totally gets rid of them, and imo the Tuscon/Santa Cruz front doesn't work as well on the larger Palisade.

  4. I agree. I never really liked the current front end, but the rest of the vehicle is very nice. But this new one in the illustration is just straight up hideous. I hope it's way off base.

  5. That illustration isn’t good. There was one that was similar, but a bit better. The prices for these things are outrageous, even used. It’s impossible to get one anywhere near MSRP. Is a great problem to have, but the premium buyers are blocking the intended market for this and the Telluride!

  6. hmmm… "let's imitate the least successful brand on the market, with the most hideous knockoff of their aesthetic" What a great strategy! Let's hope this is a bad and inaccurate render….

    Otherwise, maybe this is a surreptitious plot within Hyundai/Kia corporate to simplify their product offerings by causing Hyundai sales to dwindle.

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