2023 Lexus LX: new spy shots…

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Lexus will soon have a more modern truck to compete with the Escalade, Navigator, and Grand Wagoneer. Since we have just seen an all-new Land Cruiser, its close cousin, the Lexus LX is on its way. 
And probably still looking like it came from the ’90s. I mean, looks at these proportions. This is just a pure truck for people who want a real truck. To drive kids to their expensive school and cruise down Rodeo drive.
It doesn’t have to look good. Just be as big as possible and “look” expensive. 

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  1. The Land Cruiser / LX will still have value 10 years down the road, unlike a 10 yr old Navigator or Escalade. The Range Rover / Defender would sell better amongst wealthy mall-cruisers if they were reliabile. People want an SUV that will be reliable, have good depreciation and be able to climb up the side of a mountain.

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