2022 Ford Expedition: time for a refresh…

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Outside, the revised 2022 Ford Expedition gets an all-new front end. Changes to the rear end seem pretty minimal.
The new face is different, but not really better. It now looks a bit less like an electric razor. Or just a razor from another brand…
The interior gets a redesigned dashboard. Which makes the whole thing look newer than it is (The rest of the interior is pretty much the same)
I also had no idea the previous dashboard looked so bad.
While it is a vast improvement, the larger “Tesla wannabe” 15.5 vertical screen looks a bit ridiculous to me. And the smaller 12.4-inch unit found in less expensive models seems better integrated. (Barely…)
A new Macho/Off-road Timberline version is available. This “Testosterone Special”  comes with huge 33-inch tires and 440HP from the 3.5 Liter Turbo V6.
Other models get the 380HP version of that engine.


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  1. "I also had no idea the previous dashboard looked so bad." Lol…ok sure. The interior was always shared with the F-150, so it shared it with the previous generation. Now it's essentially shared with the new F-150 Lightning.

  2. I'd take the landscape 12.4" screen just because it has more buttons. Can't stand HVAC and radio controls being integrated into the touchscreen.

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