2022 Hyundai Casper: interior pix!

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We finally get to see some photos of the new Hyundai Casper’s interior.
 And it is almost as cute as the exterior. It also seems very versatile, considering how tiny the Casper is. (About a foot shorter than a Miata).
The folding front seats should be standard in more models. The whole interior shows how a tiny, inexpensive car can still have an interesting design, in and out. 
An EV version is also planned for next year.



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  1. Just like the IONIQ 5, this little guy has no emblem on the steering wheel. Talking about EVs, the soon-to-be-released next Gen Niro will be its last. The EV4 will replace it (or the Niro will be renamed, EV4).

  2. It's definitely versatile that's for sure, just not very attractive imo. At least Hyundai's willing to take risks though.

  3. I love it! the only thing I don't understand is that extra bump on the back of the front passenger seat. I get it that it makes it level when folded, but it steals needed legroom from the rear passenger. might be an option anyway, considering it's not visible on the other picture. I love this car. except the nondescript steering wheel…

  4. when you honk it's horn, Casper the Friendly Ghost jingle plays.
    And incase of roadrage violence, another horn button plays the phrase '' I just wanna be your friend!''.
    if all else fails, the Glock in the glovebox should suffice.

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