2022 Hyundai Casper: one cute little thing…

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One design department that is NOT on Auto-Pilot is Hyundai. They have been coming out with tons of original designs. Some end up a bit weird, but at least they are really trying something new most of the time.
Case and point: this new little Hyundai Casper.
Proving that a super cheap model doesn’t have to look like crap. Based on the Kia Picanto. At about 15 inches shorter than the Hyundai Venue, the Casper is really tiny.
An EV version is even expected for 2023!
No interior shots or official specs yet. But it is safe to say it won’t make it over here. 
Which is a bit too bad…


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  1. adorable. the green one is the turbo version and has an even cuter face with 2 additional round air intakes.

  2. It somehow reminds me of what a modern-day Yugo would look like if the company was still around.

  3. Specs:
    Engine: 1.0 mpi, 1.0 T-GDI
    Overall length: 3,595mm
    Width: 1,595mm
    Height: 1575mm
    (The overall width and height are both 5mm shorter than the Korean light car regulations)
    Drive Type: front wheel drive type help
    Transmission: Automatic
    Front suspension: MacPherson struts
    Rear suspension: torsion beam
    Front brake: disc
    Rear-wheel brake: disc
    Steering: rack and pinion

  4. it is a bit to bad, but they don't have nuts driving around in raptors and tahoes everywhere… so getting in a car accident, here in the states, in a Casper… yes, you would become a ghost because you die…. end of story…

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