2022 Integra: the Chinese version…

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As you can see, this is not the upcoming Acura Integra. It looks like Honda is just using the name “Integra” for its 4 door Civic in China.
The car is basically the same as our Civic sedan, except for a redesigned front end.
Which, I think, actually looks a bit cleaner and more modern. There is less of that crappy black plastic trim. The headlights are thinner. I wonder if this could be the mid-cycle facelift version we’ll be getting over here in a couple of years.
Although Honda wouldn’t reveal that so early…
Which one do you prefer?
US Civic Sedan or Chinese Integra?


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  1. Ok.

    I have to admit that our US Civic looks a lot better in the flesh than in pictures. That being said, the proportions still look a little goofy. The hood is just so long.

    As far as the "Integra" is concerned, I'm not seeing much difference between it and the Civic. I think you're right, Vince: we'll probably see something similar to this as a mid-cycle refresh.

  2. The headlights are slimmer and the taillights look smaller as well. The taillights on the Civic sedan are gigantic. Why can't we have gotten this?

  3. Chinese integra… the tail end looks so much better… the turn signal and reverse lights don't look so after markets special anymore… they look legit…

  4. remember when mazda didn't want to name the cx30 the cx4 because there was a cx4 in china already? i guess naming confusion isn't a worry for honda.

  5. i dont agree with you on the front end.. the US civic got that old honda front, inspired from 80's Accord which seems great to me

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