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No big surprise here, since we saw a few spy shots of it last week.
For some reason, Mazda has decided to update the CX-5. About a year before its replacement, the CX-50 comes out.
This probably means that starting in 2023, the CX-5 will still be offered alongside the new CX-50 for a while. As a cheaper option. 
For 2022, the CX-5 will come standard with AWD. As a matter of fact, FWD is no longer available in the CX-30 and CX-9 as well.
Which, of course, will mean higher base prices for all of these. And more profit for Mazda, I guess. (Since AWD doesn’t cost them $1500)
Outside, the CX-5 looks a bit simpler. Which is a nice trend. They’ve made it quieter too. Road noise has been reduced while the ride is also a bit more comfortable.
Still, no 8-speed auto. Or any kind of hybrid optiuon.
Basically, a great crossover choice is now an even better one. Slightly…


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  1. I was going to say it was a slight improvement, until I noticed the other exhaust outlet has vanished. Hopefully that's just on the 2.5 NA engine.

  2. So, unless you can read the model name it's next to impossible to determine exactly what Mazda model it is. And people rag on Subaru.

  3. "Still, no 8-speed auto or any kind of hybrid option. Basically, a great crossover choice is now an even better one." So an outdated transmission at a higher cost is a good choice because they made useless updates to the exterior? Next you'll tell me that ridiculous EV they have coming out is a good option too. I think someone's drinking too much of the Mazda Cool-Aid.

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