2022 Toyota Tundra: “ghastly”…

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IMO, I think the new 2022 Toyota Tundra is one of the worst looking things on 4 wheels available today (Or very soon)
This is going into a very competitive market. One that is dominated by US manufacturers. 
Ford, GM, and RAM have been putting a lot of effort into making their trucks more and more attractive with every new generation.
This is why the new Tundra is so shocking.
It is trying way too hard. And ends up looking toyish and cheap. 
While the exterior is a visual insult, the interior is actually even much worse.
At least on these photos, it all looks super cheap and plasticky.
That giant tablet sticking out, blocking the view, isn’t helping either. 
This is what Chevrolet showed us a few days ago. The revised 2022 Chevrolet Silverado interior seems so much better than the Tundra mess. More flowing and expensive looking. Almost classy!
The standard engine for the new Tundra is a twin-turbo 3.5 Liter V6 with 389HP.
A 437 HP hybrid option is available. While Ford has an electric F-150 and an EV version of the Silverado is coming too. 

Toyota sold about 109 000 of these last year. Which is a fraction of US pick-up trucks numbers.  I guess it’s enough to stay in the game and make some money on it…

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  1. lol the top inch or so of that screen only "blocks the view" if you're three feet tall. the top is nearly flush with the dash or, at the very least, is pretty even with the base of the windshield. god forbid a small portion the hood gets blocked from view…

  2. the interior looks more like something gm would design.

    but i think their main target are tacoma buyers looking to upgrade to something bigger. if they can sway those buyers to the tundra, it will be a success.

  3. Vince, you must be short. What is this obsession with tablets? It is a non issue. Come on man….

  4. I like the base models more than the decked out premium trims.

    Looking forward to driving impressions, especially of the hybrid (which they seem to be going to extreme lengths to NOT call a hybrid).

    I am not a full-size truck buyer, but I am enjoying the peak into what’s coming for the rest of the Toyota TNGA-F line-up.

    I don’t think this will necessarily sway most loyal Ford/RAM/GM buyers, but will be enough for Toyota to stay in the game. Nissan, on the other hand…

  5. Typical Toyota/Lexus… slap the largest, ugliest grill on the front with new headlights and who cares because quality will sell it, not design/looks.

  6. Why the don't just wrap that horrific girl over the top of the hood and be done with it!
    Friggin' FUGLY!

  7. I remember all those BMW 7 series photos here. Finally saw one over the weekend. Looked fine. I swear Vince juices up the images with Photoshop to make them look worse than they really are.

    Hit Youtube for videos of this rig. The TRD model looks nice. At worst it, it's the same as a F-150.

  8. Looks like one manufacturer would produce a sleek, understated truck to attract all the buyers sick of every other truck's over the topness.

  9. It's pretty bad. I can't seem to muster clever wordsmithing for this one- I'm just kinda sad looking at it. What a "lost opportunity" as the saying goes. Cheap looking is an understatement. Scales/textures seem off, "trying too hard" indeed. Cheap, brittle, silly and yes toy-like come to mind regarding the interior in particular. Check out that built-in strap holding up the center of the IP on the upper trim level! It would seem that the screen would create some sort of cross-hood obstruction, particularly since it's such a tall vehicle. Let's hope it's equipped with advanced pedestrian detection.

  10. I watched a video reveal from this presentation and they said that some of the plastics inside were not "final production version". Really? This is complete redesign, which means Toyota spent a lot of money on it, and they couldn't try harder? I guess you really shouldn't expect more from a company lobbying against EV's just because they're late to the party. Toyota needs to stop living off their "reliability", fire all their designers, and hire so with some taste and vision. Say what you want about Hyundai, but at least they're making an honest effort. This new Tundra looks like it should have come out a decade ago and, in my eyes, is a big disappointment. The only bright spot….looks like they're finally updating the entertainment software to something that doesn't look like it's from the '90's. Go Toyota!🙄

  11. Hopefully I do not get a lot of hate… but here is my personal take:

    – It looks like they kept a good amount of physical controls
    – A genuine (old fashioned?) gear shifter
    – (most likely) the usual Toyota reliability
    – From the rear quarter, it does not look that bad (that I want to laugh/ cry)

    – Pretty much everything else.

    I will admit I am not in the market for this, or trucks in general; but the new Tundra (especially the interior) just does not compete with the other Mfg's offerings, especially from RAM (I would have to say the interiors on the top trim Rams are frigen nice).

    Now for my rant… I would, however, be in the market for the new 2022 Land Cruiser (for over landing)… but ya, finally make one that has a reportedly good bump in gas milage and a infotainment system that doesn't look 15 years old and NOT bring it to the US… Thanks Toyota

    and, oh yes, while I am at it, why did they make the Land Cruiser a luxury vehicle… isn't that why Lexus is around (in most of their big markets I believe both the Toyota and Lexus variants exist)? Maybe make the Land Cruiser more like the original and it would sell way better. or do they not want to take sales away from the 4runner? The way I look at it, they are still making money.

  12. I am mixed on the new Tundra. I think they designed it to look like a larger Tacoma this generation instead of the usual other way around. The Platinum model grille is a complete disaster, but the Platinum interior actually looks fairly upscale to my eye, at least in pics and vids. I do think the lower trims look quite a bit better. The I-Force Max powertrain could be interesting.

  13. Accessory manufacturers (including Toyota's own accessory department) should rejoice. The appearance of this cartoony beast begs for distracting accessories — beefy running boards, oversized tires and lift-kits, brush guards etc., etc.. The under-tired appearance of the TRD version for example begs to have those wells filled with some knobby Nittos.

  14. You really hate Toyota…..If it did't have the big grill you would complain…if it didn't have the big screen you would complain….The days of picking on number one are over.

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