2022/23 Lexus LX: new illustrations…

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Just when you thought the Lexus LX couldn’t get uglier, here we go!

These illustrations show what would happen if Lexus designers all got high and drunk while designing the next-generation LX SUV. Let’s hope they took a break, and the real thing looks a bit better.

The new LX will, as usual, be based on the Toyota Land Cruiser. The all-new generation Land Cruiser, released a little while ago overseas will not be sold in the US. 

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  1. Basically the same exterior for the past 10 years except for the front grill getting larger and uglier.

  2. I would love to see the spindle grill phased out on the GX and LX – I don't think it has ever fit those vehicles, and rugged sells, even in the luxury market.

    I'd be find if a toned down spindle stayed on the RX down to the sedans.

  3. The expected bigger grille, and now the back looks like an older Durango. Another iterative design in a sea of look-alike SUVs

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