2023 Acura Integra: new illustration…

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This illustration does look pretty nice. A new hatchback, affordable coupe from Acura would be great.

Although this would be exactly what people don’t spend money on anymore. The Toyota GT86 only sold 2476 units last year. Less and less every single year from a high of over 18 000 back in 2013. Which is sad but true.

I’ve also heard from some sources that the new Integra would be a 4 door hatchback only, with no 2 door coupe available. Based on the new 2022 Civic. With its own design and interior. Which actually makes more sense these days.

 If they could squeeze the 212HP/48MPG 2.0 Liter Hybrid from the Accord in there, it would truly be a cool alternative. 

We’ll see…

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  1. This would be awesome…my kind of car, which basically doesn't exist these days. But I'm not holding my breath. Sad to say, coupes aren't selling.

  2. I don't think this would compete with GT86. Likely more a cruiser instead of a more hard-core driving experience like the GT. It might compete with BMW 2 series and just below the A5 coupe. That said more likely it will be a liftback similar to Civic.

  3. I really hope a two-door is in the cards. Maybe Acura will only build in limited numbers to play it safe. However, just like Ford Bronco, the four-day will act as the backup on their investment.

  4. I can't imagine a 2 door coupe. But maybe since Honda got rid of the Civic coupe they will take that body style to Acura. Who knows.

  5. I would buy this in a heartbeat, while I am not at all sure that I can say the same of a four door. Comparisons to the BRZ and 86 seem to me off the mark since i can't imagine that this car would be as underpowered as both of those are. As for a four door, it would just cannibalize sales of the Civic Si (a car which I find hideously formalized.

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