2023 Acura Integra: new spy shot…

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 Since this was apparently caught around Columbus Ohio, this could be the all-new 2023 Acura Integra.

From what we can see here, it is basically a 4 door hatchback model based on the new Honda Civic. Which is what the old Integras were in the first place.  Although, in “the old days”, the Civic hatch was mostly a 2 door car. Which made the Integra a more unique model by offering 4 doors with a hatch.

The current generation Civic is soon to be available as a 4 door hatchback. And its’ shape seems quite similar to the prototype above. Actually so similar, that the spy shot could actually show us the upcoming Civic Si, and not the Integra.

Could the new Integra look that much like the Civic Hatchback? Let’s hope not. Let’s hope Acura puts some effort in the Integra and doesn’t go the easy way by just redesigning the front and rear ends of a Civic.

You can read more about the photo above HERE

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  1. I’m afraid it may very well be the Integra and not the Civic Si and the tail light shape has some differences.

  2. I’m afraid it may very well be the Integra and not the Civic Si and the tail light shape has some differences.

  3. Although you can only see a sliver of the wheel in the teaser picture, these wheels seem to be a match.

  4. i dunno, Vince, I think the original Integras were fairly distinct with their own style, inside and out, then the Civics at the time. Sure, they were obviously from the same Honda parent, but the Integrity looked more '' sporty'' and bit more unique.
    I'm not going to pretend they were exotic looking or resembled a 1967 Jaguar E type, but they did appear more sportier then a pedestrian looking Honda Civic.
    Actaully, sitting and driving/staring at a 1988-2001 Honda Prelude Si was what the Integras were like to me.
    Honda/Acura needs to bring back that sporty/fun factor back at an affordable price point. Something other then $40,00-65,000 + luxury sedan/suvs .

  5. I think much like the Pilot spy shots we saw earlier this year we're looking at a franken-Civic mule and not a full body prototype. Biggest giveaway are the door handles and mirrors which don't match the mirror shapes from the RDX, TLX, or MDX and the doors seem straight lifted from the hatch also. On the bright side it looks like we're 100% getting a 5 door!!!!!

  6. Didn't Honda Canada sell rebadged Civics as Acuras at one point? This does seem like a Civic with a different bumper/taillights. Hopefully the new Integra will have a totally unique style. Heck, even the ILX got it's own style.

  7. TFL doesn't know what they are talking about. This is all clickbait.
    The drones that took the form of an Integra during the official announcement presented a much sleeker design. Under the wrap is the Civic Si.

  8. so ikeda said the integra will be acura's new halo car.

    does anyone really think that means a rebadged honda civic?

  9. I think there's a very good possibility of this being a 4dr sportback version of the new Integra, or perhaps even the ILX. After all, there were always 2 configurations of the Integra. I am more looking forward to the 2dr hatch.

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