2023 Honda CR-V: new illustration…

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The new illustration above looks pretty close to the various spy shots we have already seen of the 2023 Honda CR-V.
Which is basically a cleaner version of the current design. With a lot less personality.
Similar to what they have done with the 2022 Civic.
The next-generation Pilot will probably follow the same trend. Looking like a big 2023 CR-V.
Since most manufacturers aren’t spending that much R_D on ICE vehicles these days, (Except for Mazda) expect a tweaked version of the current platform. And the good old 1.5 Liter Turbo/CVT combo to return.
This basically looks like the opposite of the new Hyundai Tucson. While the Hyundai really tries to stand out and be original, this tries very very hard to be 100% invisible. Which, I guess, is what many people want…


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  1. A clean design…possibly boring… but isn't it wonderful that it does not have a huge grill?!?

    (it is particularly nice to see a bumper connecting under the grill, instead of Toyota's open grill/incomplete bumper look)

  2. Finally a normal sized front grill and no fake vents or fake plastic parts. I'll take this clean, no personality design any day over weird different angles and a huge ugly (Tundra) grill.

  3. hmmm hard to say if this person didn't take the new front end of the Passport/Ridgeline and add it…. or if this could be the real thing, because of that damn grille…


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