2023 Mercedes EQE: the smaller one…

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So far, the upcoming Mercedes EQE sedan is on track to look a lot like its larger sibling, the EQS.
(We already know the interior is practically lifted from the EQS.)
As you can see above, the profiles are also very, very similar. Although it seems the smaller EQE will have a trunk instead of a proper hatchback like the EQS.
Which would be a shame. I guess Mercedes really want to “copy” Tesla by having their larger sedan with a hatch and a small trunk opening in their smaller model.
The top photo shows the 4 wheel steering system will also be available on the EQS.
I guess the main differences will be size and price. Since they already seem to be so similar. 


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  1. That EQE is going to be a major competitor for the Tesla Model 3. Looks great so far, and can't wait to see more. Wonder how tight that turning diameter is going to be with that 4ws system. Could be under 30'
    Hoping they make the cost somewhat reasonable on this one, doubtful though.

  2. In addition to the cost of the car, here in the Bay Area hatchback owners need to factor in repair bills and aggravation for all the break ins they will endure from thieves looking for laptops. I’ll never buy another hatch.

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