2023 Toyota Sequoia: get ready for another monster grille…

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Of course, after an all-new Tundra, a new-generation Sequoia is just around the corner. Again, probably sharing most of its styling with the Tundra.
The current Sequoia’s grille is actually not as big as the 2021 Tundra. So the new SUV could have a slightly smaller grille than the 2022 Tundra monster. ( Anything would help)
Otherwise, I am not expecting anything great, after seeing the new Tundra…
Just posting this as a reminder… Toyota’s latest design work.

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  1. The aftermarket is going to make a small fortune if they come up with a suitable replacement grille for the Platinum. Which in actuality, might be anything else.

  2. Agree on the atrocious, large, and tacky grills going on lately. Who started this? Audi? Of course it's progressed to insane levels on the Tundra. (and how about that pig snout like GMC Sierra) Maybe this a reflection of the state of modern life: Loud, obnoxious, and in yo face.

  3. And when you get to see the interior you’ll whine about the tablet style infotainment system… predictable as usual

  4. All of these massive, grotesque grilles.

    Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Audi, Hyundai…

    This decade is NOT going to be remembered as a high point in the history of automotive design.

    My God…

  5. This will be in dealers by February and you should see it debut in several weeks time, after Tundra hype subsides a bit.

  6. An aftermarket billet grille would do wonders for the front, otherwise it looks good, like a 🌮 on steroids

  7. In all honesty – I'm sure it looked hot at one point. Seems that Toyota "loses the translation" from studio to production, throwing some delicate proportions out of whack. I think the bigger wheel/tire combo helps a lot, I'm sure most of its overall offensiveness will be mostly addressed with a moderate-investment hard-part only facelift.

  8. agree…. i'm not for the the braces band front grille thats happening on, well, the grille…. but I do have to say the interior is amazing…. that I could easily be okay with…

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