All-new Dodge Journey: new spy shots and teaser…

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While there have been recent talks and rumors about a small Dodge Hornet crossover (Including a PHEV model), I hadn’t heard of a new Dodge Journey. At least not that early. Not before the Hornet.
So these are really surprising to me.
Especially the first picture, showing the finished model.
Maybe it is a European model only?
Or something for South America?
No matter what, it is nice to see something new with a Dodge logo on it. It’s been a while…


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  1. Is it just me or is that front end so far looks like a giant ripoff of the Nissan Ariya?

    And the old Journey was a major piece of garbage when it came to reliability, so hope the new one is better.

  2. That is a surprise. The basic shape is pretty generic, almost like it is a rebadge of something else. Might as well reuse the Journey name. Journey isn't a bad name.

  3. Given Dodge is not sold in Europe, and if anything we would associate the brand with large RAM pickups or muscle cars, I doubt it's a European model. If there is something Stelantis does not need in Europe, it's more brands.

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