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The new Genesis GV60 doesn’t seem as weird as a few weeks ago when it was introduced with a  neon green color.
But it is still a bit hard to get used to. 
It seems to be trying too hard. The front end is a bit weird, with that black trim around the lower “grille”. But it is actually a bit similar to the Mustang Mach-e.
Is anyone getting used to it yet?


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  1. No, Genesis really blew it with this one. Surprising when essentially all their other vehicles are terrific. Not sure where this nightmare came from…

  2. No, I don't think it's trying hard enough actually to be a cohesive design. It appears they just stopped somewhere and said fucc it…

  3. This is a Kia EV6 with a different rear end and and quarter panels on the outside. I understand the interior is unique, but it's interesting that the Kia version will also get the post powerful version of the trio. That is a mistake.

  4. The fact that they are positioning it at the bottom of their lineup (in name if not price) makes absolutely no sense.. and why the generic GV60 name when they trademarked eGV names for electric vehicles?

  5. the face is awkward but not terrible. the c-pillar gimmick, though. That stupid zig-zag is unforgivable. A dumb, lame and sad decision from Genesis. And overall the car looks like a hatchback which is not generally the kind of car buyers want to spend $60k on. So overall a big bag of shit.

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