New EV from Foxconn: from iPhones to electric car…

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Foxconn is mostly known around the world for making the iPhone for Apple.

But the Tawainese company also makes the iPad, Kindle, Playstation, Xbox, and much more. They also own the Sharp and Belkin brands. And they basically have factories all around the world.

They even broke ground on a TV screen factory in Winsconsin back in 2018. And later decided not to build TV screens there after all. Since they do have a deal with Fisker to build a new model (not the Ocean), the Winsconsin factory has been back in the news a few months ago as a possible location (although it is one of four being considered)

The car pictured above has the Foxconn name on its front bumper. So it seems Foxconn is also planning the build their own car, under their own name. Could it be a Chinese market-only version of the upcoming Fisker model? Or an all-new car only sold directly by Foxconn? 

And more importantly, do we need another EV car maker?

I say why not. Competition is always good and pushes things forward. What do you think? Would you buy a Foxconn car?

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  1. Taiwan is it's own country. China squeezes Taiwan all the time. For Foxconn, no matter how much biz they do with China, decided that China was going to be the primary export market is ridiculous. China could sucker FoxConn in and then after a healthy investment pull the rug out from under them.

    You don't keep up with the news from that part of the world very much, do you Vince.

    It took months for Taiwan to get COVID vaccines because China was putting pressure on COVID makers.

    China is constantly threatening Taiwan militarily. I hope if China ever invades, I wouldn't doubt Taiwan has nukes. I hope they use them if they do.

    Taiwan wants to be part of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership. Beijing says NO WAY. Japan says "Why not?"

  2. Where did I say that Taiwan was not its own country???

    And why the political rant when this is just about an Electric car???
    Nukes, Invasion? Me not knowing about the news?

    Again, this is a car site. And this particular article is just about an upcoming new EV.

  3. Vince, (since you share the First Name of our great St Vincent Lombardi, i'll be nice) It's Wisconsin…9 letters 2 ns, not 3. Now excuse me while i drink by Miller Lite and party up north dere in the land of Green Bay.

  4. Sharp got its name by creating the first 'sharp' mechanical pencil back in 1912. Seriously, Sharp should be independent of Foxconn.

  5. Vince you are absolutely right. The loser up there is unjustly accusing you.
    Your website is great because you DO NOT get into the politics!

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