2022 Buick Envision: test drive coming up…

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I am spending the week driving the 2022 Buick Envision Avenir.
A very good-looking SUV competing in a very busy segment.
So far so good. There is a lot to like here. As usual, I will answer any questions you might have.


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  1. I’ve seen a few around and I absolutely HATE how the brake lights and turn signals are not separated. They created the lamps with plenty of “area” yet insist on all 3 pieces to blink red.

  2. Vince, thank you for preparing a test drive report about the Buick Envision. It looks beautiful! Although the build quality from China on this car is excellent, how many would it have to sell for GM to produce it at a factory in North America?

  3. China? As long as I have choices, I'll pass.
    If cars only came from China and I wanted new, I'd have no choice.

    Taiwan is a country!!!!

  4. The build quality is excellent, as good as or, actually, in the case of this Buick Envision better than any US plants.

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