2022 Ford Ranger: new spy shot…

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The new spy shot of the next-generation Ford Ranger looks very similar to what we already saw in early 2019 (bottom pic)
And yet, a bit different. The center piece in the grille doesn’t seem to stretch as far to the sides as on the early photo. But that could also be that Ford will offer various grille designs, like on the Bronco.
The sharp line on top of the profile and fenders doesn’t seem to be there on the new photo. 
And that could also be due to some clever camouflage.
It almost looks lie if the overseas model (top) could be a facelift version of the current generation.
While the US could be getting an all-new design for some reason?


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  1. Vince – You refer to the bottom picture as a "photo" and then you compare it to the newer illustration you placed above it.

    But you're not evaluating a photo. It's a computer-generated graphic.

    That may explain some of the differences in trim and design that you're seeing.

  2. Nah, that's not in being a different version of the truck, but being it's a styling mockup from January 2019.

    From before the final design freeze was implemented later that year. We were barely reviewing final design choices between Australia and Dearborn, when the photo in question was illegally snapped and digitally altered to remove any traces of the setting.

    We settled on this one, right before this leak in February 2019.

    Depending on feasibility, some proposed design elements will change by design freeze if the supplier cannot build it to that spec or us engineers, deem it not efficient in terms of cost and manufacturing resources.

    USDM version will be a little different in terms of front fascia and bumpers, but very much shared between Michigan built truck and international version, above.

    (P.S.), I work for Ford Product Development Center in Dearborn.

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