2022 Ford Ranger: new teasers…

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Apparently, there is an all-new generation Ford Ranger around the corner.
But I have a hard time believing it. The current generation has been around since 2011. Although it has only been on sale in the US for around 3 years. 
The teasers above are supposed to give us a preview of the new model for overseas. (apparently, the US will have to wait a year or two for this “new” Ranger)
But when compared to the current model, it looks almost exactly the same. 
This just looks like another facelift, with only new front and rear ends. (The fenders on the orange truck are probably specific to the US FX4 version anyway)
The current generation has had 2 “mid-cycle” refreshes, in 2015 and 2019.
From these photos at least, it looks like a 3rd one is on its way…


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  1. what they really need is to update the interior. I had a ranger rental "car" for a week (Avis was out of cars)… it was actually very pleasant to drive, sufficiently powerful and comfortable. The infotainment system, steering controls, etc. were dated, felt like these belonged in the late 90s not 2019. Ford really needs to bring their latest sync technology, larger screens, controls, safety tech (360) to this vehicle..

    If they offer this as a hybrid and keep the price low, it would be a killer deal.

    plus Ford would have hybrid trucks in S, M, L sizes…

  2. Ford is pretty conservative about it's truck redesigns. The F150 has looked nearly the same since what, 2004?

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