2022 Honda Integra: a better looking Civic sedan…

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There is no contest, really. This new Chinese market Honda Integra is the Civic we should have had over here.
It just looks nicer. Simpler. And, as you can see, it has a giant sunroof option too!
Something Honda has been offering overseas for years (An option on the Chinese Accord) but has never brought over here, for some weird reason.
But the most interesting thing, at least to me, are the wheels of the Chinese model. Which match exactly the ones on the US Integra teaser we saw a few weeks ago. (bottom pic)
This means that, as expected, the US Acura Integra will be based on the 2022 Civic. 
As it should be. 
The current ILX starts at around $26 500. If Acura keeps the new Integra’s base price well under $30 000, they could have a hit.
At least, a “small hit”. Since the fastback sedan market isn’t what it used to be…
I also think they should have the Accord’s 212HP Hybrid powertrain standard. And the Accord’s 2.0 Liter 252HP as an option. Or for the Type S. This car needs to stand out.
How about that?


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  1. What if this becomes our next gen Insight? Since the current gen is also a Civic with front and rear restyling.

  2. sorry vince….i don't see anything here that screams out,"i gotta have an Integra"

    it's boring looking and it's a car. and it won't sell. at least here in canada

  3. I agree with the Chinese Market Civic looking more attractive, especially from the rear, with the exposed dual exhaust. I disagree with the Accord's Hybrid powertrain being standard on the new Acura Integra. The sound and character of the Accords Hybrid powertrain is not befitting of even a base model Integra. The Integra, while still a Civic, has traditionally been something just a little more special and sporty. The Accord Hybrid is tuned for anything but performance, especially with the CVT. I think the base model should include your optional engine choice, the 2.0T, if not an entirely new performance oriented hybrid powertrain. I seriously doubt they would develop an all new powertrain for a vehicle sure to be based off the Civic platform. The optional/upper model engine should be something similar to the Civic Type R 2.0T.

  4. I just wish we'd more interesting color schemes, like those shown here. USDM cars all have horrible color choices. BORING Still I'm really looking forward to this car.

  5. Vince, have you ever actually owned a car with a panoramic glass roof? I have; our last car came with one as a part of a trim level. Passengers in the rear love the view but it does next to nothing for me and my front seat companion since its mostly behind the tops of our heads. And the cloth cover lets in lots of light which I could do without here in sunny California. Add in the facts that it adds weight at the roof raising the center of gravity and cuts down on head room inside and you have overall a pretty worthless feature except in cars oriented toward those riding in the rear like limos. For a Civic I’d pass if they let me but they probably wouldn’t if I wanted all the other good stuff. That’s how we got stuck with the glass roof last time.

  6. I completely agree. Mazda and Honda are 2 of the few auto manufacturers that seem to get this. It is telling that both manufacture good handling and lighter vehicles.

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