2022 Lexus LX: new video teaser…

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While the US is not getting the new Toyota Land Cruiser, we are getting its more luxurious cousin, the new Lexus LX.
Which will continue to compete against the Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator. And now we can also add the new Jeep Grand Wagoneer to that list of overpriced truck-based giant SUVs.
Also known as “money printing machines” for their manufacturers.
I am sure Lexus will advertise the “amazing” off-road prowess of their Land Cruiser-based SUV (while being careful to never mention the Toyota version). Which of course, is meaningless since no one will ever go off-roading in any of these things.
Just the idea of seeing an Escalade off-road is actually quite ridiculous. 
And no matter what they say, these giant trucks are never as comfortable as a full-size luxury car…

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  1. If you google “Lexus off road” you might be surprised. I have an LX and it goes off road. Also, the buyer who can afford one of these and is going off road is going to buy this one over, say, an Escalade.

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