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Here are the first pictures of the all-new Lexus LX600, which is based on the new Toyota Land Cruiser we are not be getting in the US.
The Lexus version is here to compete with other truck-based luxury SUVs like the Escalade and Navigator. Although the Lexus is also better suited for off-road driving. More like a Range Rover.
It is powered by a 3.5 Liter V6 Turbo with 410HP. (unlike the Tundra, no hybrid yet)
The current model starts at about $10 000 more than a Cadillac Escalade. Besides the better off-road performance, I just can’t see anything that would make this a better choice for most luxury truck buyers.
Most of them will never go off-road anyway.
The design is OK and cleaner. The grille looks like it was designed for a planet where they don’t have front license plates.
The whole front end looks a bit ridiculous. That old-timey double screen set up inside is awkward and really no match for the Escalade fantastic interior design.
The rear seats don’t even fold flat and the 3rd row looks like an afterthought.
Most potential buyers will not see this as an upgrade from the Escalade at all. I am of course not at all in the market for a huge old fashion luxury truck. But the Escalade interior alone is miles ahead of this…
For some odd reason, sales jumped from 4512 units in 2020 to over 25 000 in 2021 so far. (How weird…)


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  1. Did anyone really expect an aesthetically pleasing front design out of Lexus for this generation of the LX. This is terrible.

  2. This whole thing is a effing mess. The problem is not Lexus for producing this monstrosity but for any idiot that buys it and encourages such future vehicles.

  3. I was really hoping for this disappearance of the spindle – god that thing is awful here, reminds me of the debris scoop on the front of a locomotive.

    Overall, I think the rest of the body is pretty good and blocky – I like the shorter proportions over the competition, but definitely sad about the loss of the split tailgate.

    Interior is a design mess – but for a vehicle like this, would it bother me as a driver if the tech is much improved and the material quality is nice? Probably not.

  4. I know I will be in the minority here, but I think this is the best spindle grill so far. I don't know, but for some reason the front works for me.

    I've been going back and forth about how I feel about the D pillar treatment.
    The downward swoop at the top – something just feels a little off. Would love to see this design with the new Land Cruiser's back-side profile.

    The center dash is what surprised me. I don't think it is bad, but it just seems very un-lexus like. Something about the trim wrapping around the vents instantly reminded me of the chevrolet traverse.

    Overall, I'm fairly torn if I love this, or hate it……. but somehow, I think the grill works.

  5. I know what you mean about the grille. While I think it is still way too big, I believe the horizontal brushed aluminum slats design would work well on other models like the next RX.

  6. Yikes. That dash looks like a cross between a dual-screen Infiniti and a Chevy.

    Makes it pretty clear how the intro of the LX was delayed. I’m sure they didn’t want to introduce their new flagship right after launching the new NX with its next-gen infotainment on a larger screen and more advanced safety tech (LSS 3.0 vs 2.5).

  7. Glad I’m not the only one getting Chevy vibes from the dash. Also, is there really not a panoramic roof?!?!?

  8. I just don’t know why they had to surround the taillights with that black trim crap. Just like the first NX, it looks soooooo cheap

  9. wow…. i like everything outside but the front… that grille is horrible and i didn't even think about the license plate until i started reading what you wrote… didn't register yet… wow…

    interior is very odd.. if they got rid of the Lexus symbols… & one were to wake up in said car after being blindfolded… I don't think you could pick the automaker…. looks a little GMC like to me


  10. While the front license plate is a good point, this is hardly the only offender of forgetting to account for it. My Mazda 3 was clearly not designed for a front plate, and thank god I live in a province that doesn’t require a front plate!

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