2022 Lexus/Toyota truck grilles: WTF?

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Just as a quick reminder. This is what Lexus and Toyota are designing for 2022.
I mean, there are not the only ones for sure. Just look at GMC. Still, this is just a weird trend that will probably be seen as insanity in the near future. 
Does anyone actually like this? (Just wondering)


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  1. Perfect for the "Look at me I have something big and shiny generation".

    Personally, I have been waiting for a new LX but more for what's on the inside not the outside….

    Additionally, this could create a new after-market for non-obnoxious grills. I know I would certainly buy one if I do end up buying the 2020 LX in the Spring.

    Old School Cruiser
    Mr. Biggg

  2. Complaining and complaining about the same thing over and over, when the company couldn't care less…

  3. Vince, I actually like it. But I know looks are subjective and big grills are not for everyone. But these different opinions is what keep the discussion going right? Always appreciate your posts. Keep up the good work!

  4. I'm sure the other Brands love this styling disaster. They know they'll get sales that would have gone to Lexus/Toyota. Then there are buyers that will choose the reliability factor no matter how incredibly ugly the product.

  5. ugh… toyota and their ugly designs.

    Let's mimic a whale shark with its tiny eyes and huge open mouth.. but then, we have to differentiate the brands somehow:

    Lexus = saving razor inspired
    Toyota = cheese grater inspired

    so many weird curves, bumps on both vehicles, completely pointless and lost because the only thing people will see will be the HUGE grill. I mean, how large are those radiators for the V6 that such a grill opening is needed. And where are the front bumpers? It's not like these cars are exactly aerodynamic

  6. Lexus grill mimics a cow-catcher on some locomotives.
    Tundra's thick grill outline resembles a beds headboard.
    Both are unsightly.

  7. I wouldn't date someone who had such poor taste in vehicles. This sh*t speaks volumes about a person who'd drive either of them. It speaks volumes about me before someone says it first. Ha!

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