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Once in a while, there is a new car that doesn’t disappoint. The new 2022 Mercedes AMG SL seems as good-looking as we had hoped for. 
Of course, since it is “AMG” now, the new SL is sportier than before. And it seems they are now going after the Porsche 911. Which is a bit too bad, I still think the SL should be more about luxury.
Although the SL55 pictured above still seems plenty luxurious.
(A more powerful and sportier SL63 model is also available. With the mandatory black wheels and carbon-fiber trim inside…)
Both versions available at launch use a 4.0 Liter Turbo V8.
One with 470HP, the other with 577HP.
A 9 speed automatic and AWD are also standard.
A new PHEV model is coming at a later date as well.
So far I think the car looks great. And is probably still smooth and comfortable (like an SL should be) with the “smaller” standard 19 inch wheels (20 or 21 inch are shown in the photos)
And hopefully, that quilted leather is an option…


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  1. Wonder if will come with an attachable hardtop for winter use? Also hope the thing is smart enough to detect rain and close its top all by itself if the owner forgets to do so. Don't want to know what a monsoon downpour will do to those electronics in the interior.

    Admittedly, I could suffer with this. Nicely done!

  2. The rear 3/4 view is very attractive, but I don't think other angles are nearly as successfully executed. The interior looks amazing though.

  3. I give it 8/10 for looks. It's very attractive, but succumbs to the current trend for oversized, gaudy grills and vents.

    If these features of the nose were a bit calmer-looking and less exaggerated, it would be gorgeous.

    I guess the seat trim and the chrome vents and speaker grills are there to make a statement, but sometimes less actually is more. Not quite to my taste.

    Finally, who are those headrests positioned for – Quasimodo?

  4. I love it! Toothy grill is sad looking, but I wouldn't mind learning to cope. I do wish tablets on dashes could be options for those of us who prefer knobs and actual dials. Again with the learning to cope. Such suffering I'd endure. Ha!

  5. For the most part, SL has stood for distinctive luxury touring for several decades now. This looks nearly indistinguishable from the existing GT cabriolet, and will likely now cost just as much because non-AMG models will no longer be offered. M-B says this will replace both the existing SL and the much larger CL/S convertible, but I doubt they will offer one anywhere close to the $85-$95K starting price of those current models. Sad.

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