2022 Nissan Ariya: taking its time…

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It looks like the Nissan Ariya is still testing things. We have seen the new EV back in July 2020. Nissan was then mentioning a late 2021 launch in the US. Now we will have to wait until late 2022. 
This is really too bad. 
For some reason, VW has been able to launch the ID4 a while ago here. And it is probably taking sales from the no-show Ariya. So will the Ioniq5 when it comes out in the US soon.
The Nissan will be so late it could even come after the new EV from Subaru and Toyota. (arriving mid-2022)


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  1. I believe Nissan is focusing on getting it right. Quality seems to be Nissan's prerogative. Nissan may also be taking their time as it will spawn a Mitsubishi version and perhaps even an Infiniti version to go after the GV60 and Audi model.

    Nissan has a lot on its plate.

  2. I was told by a dealer that preorders will start in November. That's early for a "late" 2022 arrival.

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