2022/23 Ford Escape: some revisions…

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The current Ford Escape will be getting a few changes next year. The usual mid-cycle stuff, like new front and rear ends. 
The bottom pic shows the Chinese version of the current Escape. With a different bumper/grille combo than our version.
While the grille of the 2023 model could look a bit closer to the Chinese one, it looks like it’ll be getting a new hood and headlights as well.

The current Escape is in pretty bad need of a new interior.
It was just OK when it was introduced a couple of years ago. But it is pretty bad now.
The top photo shows the interior of the Chinese version. 
Which is really what we should be getting over here, pronto.
Or maybe something even better.


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  1. The front end of the current Escape is the worst part of a bland design. An update is desperately needed

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