2023 Chevrolet Montana: new illustrations and spy shots…

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 Chevrolet is getting a 2nd generation ready for their compact Montana pickup truck.
Apparently, it will grow in size from previous versions.
Which leads some people to think it would be a good idea to bring this over to the US as a Ford maverick competitor.
Which, of course, might not be a bad idea. Just like the Maverick, the next Montana seems to have a super generic pick-up truck shape, with a more modern-looking front end added to it.
The illustrations above don’t really match the spy shots. So they’re probably off.
If the Maverick turns out to be a big hit for Ford, GM will have no choice but to offer something to compete in the US.
This could be it…


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  1. I really don't think there is any reason to think the Maverick won't be a huge success, based on the overwhelming interest and pre-orders. Chevrolet should bring the Montana here. Why even think about it?

  2. Instead of photoshopping a Maverick, do it on a Trailblazer, from where it will be based. Look at the front, doors and wheels.

  3. the hybrid ford maverick gets 500 miles of range on a 5 minute gasoline charge. incredible technology!!!!

  4. It's an almost exact replica of the Maverick!!! Throw some originality to it Chevy, jeeeeze!!!

  5. I love the Maverick. This, not as much. Honda did it long before with the Ridgeline, and the truck freaks lost their sh*t whining about it not being a real truck because it wasn't body-on-frame. Suck on this, truck-f*ckers.

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