2023 Ford Mustang: some news and a new illustration…

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Ford did say a few years ago, that the Mustang was safe. When talking about their switch to “all SUVs and trucks, all the time”.
But there has been almost no news since about the next generation.
Now we hear about a 2023 model year for the new car. Which means it would be introduced in a few months. But we haven’t seen any prototypes yet. (I remember seeing spy shots of the current generation long before it was actually introduced.)
Engines are rumored to be hybrid versions of what we have today.
A hybrid 2.3 Liter and Hybrid 5.0 Liter.
And, this would be the very last generation ICE Mustang. A new all-EV model would be out about 5 years later. 
Which means the Mustang will be one of the last Ford models to make the switch to electric…

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  1. Nice Camaro? 🙁 I doubt we'll see a new Mustang until 2024, or more likely 2025 (since the last two gens came out in 2005 and 2015).

  2. Ford has been on the 10 year plan for each generation of the Mustang, with a major restyle at 5 years. This generation got the new front end a few years ago, but that was it so who knows. Originally the next Mustang was supposed to switch to the new Explorer platform, but didn't Ford change and decide to continue with the current platform for the next generation?

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