Tesla Model 3 price increase: Even Google cannot keep up…

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I am actually quite amazed at the nonstop price increase on various Tesla models.

No other manufacturer in the world would get away with it. The excuse is always some BS like “supply chain issues”. While part and chips shortages are big problems, no other manufacturers have increased their MSRP by that much in such a short time. This has to do with manufacturing plants, small capacities, manipulating the market, etc… But mostly with putting more cash in Elon Musk’s pocket.

Just a few months ago, the cheapest Model 3 was $36 990. It is now $7000 more. Or almost 20% in 8 months!

A year ago, the Model S base price (long-range) was down $69 420. As soon as the new interior was unveiled, the price jumped by $10 000. It is now a crazy $95 000! Or $25 000 in one year. Sure, you do get a redesigned interior. (although no other manufacturers increase their price by 15% when they redesign an interior). Still, it also increased by $15 000 since the new interior was introduced.

It makes you wonder how long they can get away with this…

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  1. Get away with this? Hahaha. Dealerships never change the price from one customer to the next, right? They never mark up price based on demand, right? Oh wait, that’s exactly what they do.

  2. They get away with it because there are still enough Tesla Stans out there desperate to get a taste of Elon Musk.

  3. Not to mention that when you buy a Tesla, you no longer receive the Govt. tax credit that some manufacturers, including Lucid, are still able to provide their customers. An easy way for buyers to put a stop to it is simple, don't buy a Tesla.

  4. I think he is trying to cash in on the current wave right before it crests. They had a big head start on everyone else, but I think things are going become less fun for them with the new Mercedes models and others starting to yank away sales on the premium end of things.

    While the Hertz transaction is a big deal, it also dings the perceived prestige factor of the 3 as they start to be common as rental cars. If the don't have other follow-ups besides the truck in the pipeline soon, customers are going to leave in search of the Next Big Thing.

  5. The only thing Tesla has going for them in the recharge network, where you have a better chance at instant access and working units. That's worth a lot.

  6. Have recently been shopping for an ev…. Nothing comes close to Tesla in even thinking of replacing a ICE vehicle. Teslas range and charging infrastructure really has no viable competitor at this point and forseeable future. They keep opening up fast chargers everywhere. Competition is good for the consumer, but they are way behind at this point.elon might as well cash in

  7. I've also been very interested in EVs lately. And learned quite a bit from a friend of mine who has a Model 3.
    Tesla owners always mention the fantastic charging infrastructure, which is, of course, a major selling point.

    But remember what Elon Musk himself tweeted last July: "We are making our Supercharger network open to other EVs later this year".
    This will really kill Tesla's network advantage. But also can potentially be a huge gold mine for them as well.

    Imagine getting any EV from any brand, and having access to any charger around. Including the Tesla network.

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