Xpeng’s HT Aero: the first flying car ???

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Flying car designs have always looked great in movies. And yet, the few small companies that have tried over the years just couldn’t design anything cool-looking. (without even mentioning none of these could actually be called “flying cars”)
The recent Xpeng presentation actually showed something pretty cool-looking. And it could actually work.
They are not the first to show something that looks like a car attached to a giant drone. But to my knowledge, they are the 1st to announce a 2024 production date. Which sounds quite amazing.
Of course, while the car might be ready in a couple of years, no one is talking about the regulation nightmare that it will create. 
Still, this is such a great idea.


Of course, this quick video looks like a science fiction movie…

For those who haven’t heard of Xpeng, here is a video of their popular P7 model. 

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  1. Flying cars are ALWAYS announced as going on sale in about two years.

    I'm pleased to see this latest example of vaporware follows the rule.

  2. There several production ready flying cars presently. Problem is how to law and regulations these vehicles.

  3. "And it could actually work."

    Why do people say this knowing it's completely false? There is zero chance of this working. It's not a car, it's an airplane. Sheesh folks.

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